vineri, 24 iulie 2009

Road-trip "in the name of love"

Three men went Wild Wild West ... to Berlin , in the name of love , for enjoying live aux Berlin ... U2 concert . This plan was made 2 weeks ago , nice , quick and dinamic decision made this idea possible !

We had in the trip by numbers :

- 5000 KM overall - more than 2000 on highway
- 16 CD's of music in the car (4 of them with U2)
- Seen Bono on stage together with near 100 000 people
- Seen 4 lovely cities Potsdam ,Berlin , Warsaw and Katowice
- Meet lovely people Csaba and Diana in Germany , Marci in Warsaw , Przemek and Tatiana , Marlena and Anita in Poland near Katowice , Ribnik and lakes :)
- 1950 KM road to Berlin from Bucharest 22 hours of driving
- 1450 KM road back to Bucharest from Katowice 17 or 18 hours of driving
- Met Bonosferatu nickname ... in Germany , we did " the nasty " , loved polish girls admired some russian ones :) , photo the ducks ... eat them , saw many similatities between polish and romanian language , drink a little more than planned , had a bike-ride in forest near the lake and felt down in the lake .

And many many more ...
Pics from here :)

Drinks after U2 - Rock and Jack for me please

With or without U

The stage

At the very beginning - Olimpia stadium Berlin

Coincidence or not

The Muhler near San Sauci

The ducks come from the trucks ... and we eat them :)

Bring the Nasty ...

Alice in Potsdam Land

Moment of surrender

Polish guide for young tourists ...

Hard Rock or Hardcore

I let Alex explain ...

The artist in me ...

where the streets have no name...

Slovacia ... nice country

early in the morning ... after many drinks

Warsaw Mall near Train station


Sad about the rain ... mad about polish girls :)

3 comentarii:

Anonim spunea...

Eu i-am vazut la Milano.Cel mai reusit turneu si cu siguranta cel mai reusit concert pe care l-am vazut.

sabina spunea...

but still...did you bring me a piece of BONO?:D

Redy spunea...

I did ... i did ... in my heart !
don't know the exact amount of the piece but surely it's there !

Care credeti ca este genul de fotografie in care ma exprim cel mai bine ?