luni, 21 noiembrie 2011

This is art ...

"In 1886 Vincent van Gogh painted a pair of very worn boots. It was a small painting—18 inches by 15—but a powerful one .
The painting is not simply an arrangement of pigments, nor even, primarily, a representation of something. It is, rather, a statement about a world that lies beyond the painting—the hard life and work of the peasant who wore these boots. It is a portrait of the man and his life painted in his absence. The painting is a window through which we see not just these boots but their place in a world of toil and struggle. "

This was art ...

Meaning in abstract expressionism lay in the heroic act of the artist. In Rothko it lay in a form of spiritual contemplation; in Pollock it emerged from the carefully contained workings of chance. The personality of the artist was crucial. The paintings were windows that looked inwards to psychology rather than out to the world. They were hermetic, recognisable only as elevated forms of introspection.

This was art too ...

What is art now , than ?

sursa de aici

Andrei CohnSpune despre mediul creativ al Advertising-ului :

"Toate agentiile au o biblioteca. Daca o sa te plimbi prin agentii o sa vezi ca cei mai multi au o biblioteca. Cei mai multi au carti din advertising. Ceea ce creeaza un sistem foarte gresit: acela de a face advertising din advertising. Advertising-ul se face din viata, din alte lucruri. Nu din el insusi. Cum nici arta facuta din arta nu e okay. Arta facuta din viata e okay, e adevarata, interesanta si noua tot timpul."

Sursa pe aici

Art is everywhere ... Life is inspiring !

Care credeti ca este genul de fotografie in care ma exprim cel mai bine ?