joi, 28 aprilie 2011

My dear ex ...

Am gasit undeva pe net , ratacita o scrisoare care cred ca n-a mai ajuns la mine candva  ...
Daca e doar in mintea mea sau e impartasita mai putin conteaza , important e ca am gasit ceva asemanator cu ce am gandit eu ... asa ca simt un fel de multumire cum ca nu as fi nebun  :) ... Enjoy  :

" Dear Ex-boyfriend,

When i start to miss u, i get upset that were not friends anymore. I start to think about how funny u were, we laughed at everything and everyone ! no one shared our sense of humor, so insync we were. Our connection was crazy beautiful. Ur words felt so genuine, the way you kissed me and held me was real…at least i thought it was….at least on my side it was…the truth was right in front of me but i ignored it. I never fully felt comfortable around u, I could never trust you bc of your constant shadiness, the constant gut wrenching feelings i felt through out our on and off relationship.i was soo in love with u and now when i take trips down my memories of us i realised that i was more in love with the thought of us then i was with u. A natural dreamer i am, since i was a little girl i dreamed of a unconditional love, a free natural connection, synergy. A love where our feelings for each other are equal, we protect each other, take care of each other are proud to be with one another, amazing sex all the time, a mutal understanding of each other, honestly, and just being two free human beings who can just be that. I thought i found that in u…..but i didnt,.when i came back down i realized ur not what im looking for and i think the feelings are very mutual ! when u stopped talking to me i felt confused, angry, betrayed, i didnt understand why u kept cutting me off and coming back to me ? at first i just made up excuses for u ” oh he’s going through alot i’ll just give him space, he’ll be back like always” but i finally started to think about myself instead of ignoring me like i always do.I realised i dont want anyone in my life who is as dishonest and disrespectful as u. I figured out what it really was wit me and u and why we didnt work out. We fought like Vikings bc we were unhappy with each other ” u dnt do this or that” . I would never take it back for the world tho. To me its all about trail and error, we went through the experience and i learned so much from it, like what i want and dont want in a man, i also learned that im way too young and free for messy relationships and monogamy. i can relax now and not take anything serious and it the most amazing ive felt ever. Its my decision to not be in a serious relationship now for many reasons ! I will always have love for u and remember u, u are my first. I wish u nothing but the best in your life and i hope one day u will become a Man and face ur fears and problems head on instead of running from them !  "

Acum cum as vrea sa raspund unei astfel de provocari  :

1: Be authentic. The most powerful asset you have is your individuality, what makes you unique. It’s time to stop listening to others on what you should do.
2: Work harder than anyone else and you will always benefit from the effort.
3: Get off the computer and connect with real people and culture. Life is visceral.
4: Constantly improve your craft. Make things with your hands. Innovation in thinking is not enough.
5: Travel as much as you can. It is a humbling and inspiring experience to learn just how much you don’t know.
6: Being original is still king, especially in this tech-driven, group-grope world.
7: Try not to work for stupid people or you’ll soon become one of them.
8: Instinct and intuition are all-powerful. Learn to trust them.
9: The Golden Rule actually works. Do good.
10: If all else fails, No. 2 is the greatest competitive advantage of any career. " 

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