marți, 29 martie 2011

Nothing like you and I

It's a nasty weather and i feel like :
Nothing like you and i - the Perishers

And than ... i guess not all days are the same , it's not summer and sea-side everyday , and life it's full of up and downs and we need to learn to enjoy life , to enjoy every day separately .
The secret is to be motivated , to be real and honest with yourself ... just like him :

There is some times in life when you fell that you don't have the strength to get back up ! Do you think you have hope ? I will try one hundred times to get back up , and if I fail one hundred times and i give up , do you think that i'm gonna ever get up ? NOO ! But if i fail and I try again , and again , and again ... and this is not the end . It matters how you're gonna finish. Are you gonna finish strong ... you'll gonna find the strenght to get back up !

Powerfull motivational clip !

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